Villa and apartment rental in Havana


The Cubans opened up the property market in 2012 to local buyers and sellers. They also made it possible for the first time in 50 years, to buy construction and home improvement products. As a result a lot of crumbling mansions, and spacious apartments, many with pools, have now been refurbished and are now available for rental.

In the last two to three years, with the opening up of the private sector, there has been a huge evolution in spectacular food offerings, lovely terrace and garden restaurants, cool bars with live music, and a lot more fun and culture.

Havana is much like a European city in the Caribbean, with wonderful 500 year old architecture, rich culture, live music and dance, and a sophisticates contemporary art scene.

There are white sandy beaches within 20 minutes of the centre of town, ideal for day trips. Here you will find scuba diving, kite surfing, cool places for long lazy lunches, and time to recharge.

Around an hour from Havana heading west are lush tropical mountains with waterfalls with natural swimming pools, wonderful walking and horse riding.

Havana Concierge can help you plan a fun trip to Havana, book the best restaurants, help you find the best live music and dance, and fun activities.

If you would like to plan a family or group of friends to rent a villa or large apartment in Havana contact us via or on

Havana Hotline – +535 (05 locally 3849197

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