Spectacular traditional 50s style cabaret
Calle 72, No. 4505, Marianao – Tel. 2670110 Main show starts at 10pm until 12am and pretty spectacular, if a
little ciche, then the 12-2am show is really cheesy and a waste of time.
The city’s largest cabaret, with two spectacular shows each night taking place on an enormous open-air stage,
with other stages up in the trees. The first show starts at 10 p.m., and I strongly recommend you dine
somewhere else beforehand. The second show is not quite up to the standard of the first, so you may prefer to
move on to another music spot such as Gato Tuerto, which always has good live music show late into the night.
Suggestions for dinner near by, La Fontana, Cocina de Lilliam, both near by. Tickets from 80-100CUCs.

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